The Spiritual Heart, Find It and Claim It

I found out recently that some people believe the spiritual heart is in the stomach. I had never heard of this before but I can see why some would think so. Anatomically the abdominal aorta flows through the abdomen and one can feel the pulsing of the heartbeat very strongly there at times. Sometimes you can even see it pulsing.

That was such a strange thought to me, though, that the spiritual heart would not be where your heart was. Why would that be taught? I think it is for the same reason that the term ‘yellow bellied coward’ was coined. To confuse people and perpetuate their disconnection. When I start thinking about things like this I feel like I have ventured into the land of opposites or some other equally surreal place. The light frequency of the 3rd chakra, your Manipura, is yellow. It is your power center, where your fire is and is sometimes called the sun center. All of this is in the frequency of yellow. So if you had power, if you were in your power your solar plexus chakra at your belly would be shining a bright yellow. You would be bright like the sun. So how could you be a ‘coward’ if you were yellow-bellied? I believe that whether we see our chakras and the colors of our chakras or not, that at some level we just ‘know’ the colors of our chakras. So if we are programmed from childhood that having a yellow center is bad or coward-like, then wouldn’t we then do things to diminish our ‘yellow-ness’ there? You have to remember that when we come here, when we incarnate, we ‘forget’, it’s the best way for us to have the experiences we come here for. So eventually in our incarnation, we forget what we knew about our chakras there, in the Oneness, and believe what we are told here, in the Duality.

I was raised in the Catholic church and of course went and received the ashes on Ash Wednesday. One day while doing my energy work and seeing on the calendar that it was Ash Wednesday, it occurred to me, the ashes are put on the third eye! I do understand that there can be many valid understandings of the symbolism here, the understanding that we are here in these earthly bodies, the cross representing the transcendence of the duality, and so on. I don’t want to de-legitimize other’s beliefs, I just want to point out how mystified I was about this. To me, it was ‘let’s put this cover over your third eye’. In my life as a speech pathologist, we used to put Vaseline on a pair of glasses as a tool to teach caregivers what it might be like to work with the impaired vision of a person with dementia. Trying to see through Vaseline is not easy and one becomes quickly frustrated. I would just stop trying to see. And that is my point, I wonder if it’s a message to us to just stop trying to see. To stop utilizing our inner vision.
Awareness is the key then. Where is your power? Where is your spiritual heart? Where is your inner vision? Connect with these aspects of yourself. Claim them, they are yours, and not only that, it is your divine right to have these tools and to use them to guide you on your path. Claim your space that you occupy on this earth. Claim your power. Claim your intuition. Claim your love. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

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