Dependency Umbrella

When you live in shame and unworthiness and develop dependency traits. It is like you don’t have your own umbrella and you keep running to others to get under theirs and share their umbrella.

Looking back over the past couple of decades for me I realize that not only would I run under and ‘share’ other’s umbrellas but being there with them I was easily adaptable to their characteristics. So, if I was sharing an angry person’s umbrella I found myself feeling angry or when sharing self-righteous person’s, I became more self-righteous.

I realize that is one of the reasons it is so scary to step out of this triad because when standing on your own and under no one else’s umbrella, you either have to find your own umbrella or get wet. Sharing other’s umbrellas makes for great hiding places. An umbrella-less wet person sort of stands out in the crowd.

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