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Health, and Happiness

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Find Freedom, Health, and Happiness

Ataana Healing Method

What would it feel like if you felt better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

I have lived through childhood sexual abuse, dysfunctional family relationships, career questions, feeling supported and at the same time feeling completely unsupported, and chronic depression. After my childhood traumas I repressed my memories for 40 years and lived a conventional life. I got married, had a career, and adopted children, but there always seemed to be this underlying unhappiness to what should have been a picture-perfect life. I could never really figure it out. I felt that I should have been happy, but just couldn’t quite get there. That is, until I found energy healing. The Ataana Method of energy healing is so comprehensive that it encompasses your whole being and reminds you to wake up and begin to heal yourself as only you know how.

I am my own best healer, and so are you. I want to support you to awaken your self-healing abilities and support your soul’s growth and evolution.

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I have gone through, and am still evolving through the awakening process. I know how to help you take those first steps to your own self-awakening and growth process. If you are going through any major life change, experiencing heavy burdens, wanting to learn energy healing to begin your own self-healing, or if you just want to find out more about energy healing, connect with me or read more about me.

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