Sky Thomas

Starting energy work has been one of the best decisions I have made.Through out my life I have struggled with addiction, self destructive patterns, and aggression. When I started working with Carole I was also going to another therapist for EMDR trauma therapy. By doing energy therapy I fully believe it helped me heal and forgive 10x faster. Today I mainly focus my time on energy work due to the instant relief that is felt. With the help of Carole I am now able to have peace of mind and practice what she has taught me in everyday life. I can truly say I love myself today and I thank Carole for helping me find that self worth.

Woodrow Lucas

My name is Woodrow Lucas and I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a severe and persistent mental illness in 2001.  For the past 16 years, I have been in a state of hard fought recovery.  And I have made many gains and accomplished many things over the years, But a year and half ago, I took my kids to a Galactic Expo and saw a woman with a table up and a white jacket on.  I felt drawn to her and asked her what she did.  She said, "I am an energy worker, would you like to experience a sample of what I do?"  I got on the table and felt heat flow from her hands to my stomach and knew that I had found another healer to assist me in my journey towards health and wellness. It is important to note that I am a Christian, and Carole has never challenged my belief system as she has encouraged me to participate in the work that we do together.  If anything, some of my Christian sensibilities are stronger after having worked with her than before.  

In the year and a half that I have worked with Carole, my overall level of peace has increased exponentially and a condition of disturbance which I used to call episodes has become mild enough that I now call it anxiety symptoms.  All of my symptoms have diminished since I started working with Carole.  I call her my angel.  And I believe that with her assistance and the assistance of my other healers and care providers, I will soon reach my goal of being 100% functional and symptom free on meds.  I highly recommend Carole to anyone who thinks they need healing, refreshment, stabilization, clarity, or empowerment.  What these energy workers do, is truly the future of physical and metaphysical intervention.  No Doubt!!

Jeanne Sophia

I met Carole in May of 2016 at the Galactic Expo. In the 15-minute session there I felt a space in my heart of such joy I had rarely felt in this life. The joy was so expansive and flowed so naturally I was releasing in pure laughter. That experience showed me that the joy which is naturally in my heart can be expressed and shared, not bottled in (I have lived a "shy" life.). There are so many situations in my life where I have felt great love, however expressed it in more of a quiet and controlled way. The freedom from this 15-minute session changed my being.  Little did I know that a fairly large event was to make itself a lesson in my life in a few weeks. This personal change brought to the forefront ways in which I used my idea of "being kind"and "being loving" to really allow a great amount of abuse, it blinded me from larger situations and kept me in what felt like a winding, strangulating wall of mental of abuse. In working with Carole, I am becoming free of the self-created habits that I have depended upon, habits which were repressive and holding my natural grace down. Each session I've grown and changed to become a stronger person. I appreciate her format, we first check in and chat, get an idea of what areas are coming up, and get down to work - I've worked with Carole in both distance healing and at her office, both are enlightening and powerful. Each session I take away a new skill to integrate into my life.

Allison Summers

I started going to Carole to feel more creative. This has helped me. I have since pushed myself to learn piano, felt more excited about working on my one woman show, and felt a shift in my group that I perform on stage with every week.

I will continue to see Carole because I do feel a change since going to see her. I would recommend for anyone who is looking for healing and help in this strange world we live in.


I started seeing Carole due to some childhood trauma I had recently learned about.  My depression was causing extreme lower back pain and a friend recommended Carole to work on the energies I was holding on to.  I was very nervous the first time I went to see Carole but was extremely impressed with Carole's professionalism and how comfortable she made me feel.  My body immediately responded to working with Carole and I've continued to see her to work on different challenges that continue to come up in my life.  I am so thankful for Carole and her work and will continue to see her. 

Julie Gray

I met Carole a few years ago when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I wasn't familiar with energy healing but was open to receiving it. She is so gifted and powerful as a healer.  Her work has changed me and I will be forever grateful for her presence on my journey of healing and awakening. Thank you Carole! a few years ago when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I wasn't familiar with energy healing but was open to receiving it. She is so gifted and powerful as a healer.  Her work has changed me and I will be forever grateful for her presence on my journey of healing and awakening. Thank you Carole!

Karen Daly

Carole provided a safe harbor to begin the second phase of my energy healing. Her intuitive insight and guidance helped me to see through to clearing and transmuting the deep shadows that existed. Each session resulted in lasting effects and momentum, that assisted me in meditation and therefore continued release and healing between sessions. I left each session refreshed and empowered.

Christopher Seward Jr.

For most of my life, (if not all of my life) I was in a place that felt very dark. With 20 years of built-up abuse trauma, dysfunctional family trauma, self-destructive patterns, addictions in various forms and much much more, I felt completely hopeless. I spent at least 8 of those 20 years waking up every morning wishing that I hadn’t. After taking a trip to a mental health facility in an attempt to save myself from this darkness, I was seeing a therapist for quite some time and it just didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t feel progress being made and it didn’t make sense to me. I was told that it would be years before I would find a way to feel just slightly less depressed. I didn’t see how a lot of the methods could be effective for me.  I was taking a handful of medications daily just to be able to pull myself out of bed in the morning and life was still so miserable. The side effects were nearly unbearable. I was constantly told that I would go off the chain if I ever stopped taking these medications and that I would likely be dependent on these drugs for the rest of my life. There were times I would sleep for 2 days straight and I was still constantly depressed and filled with anxiety.

One day, an old friend of mine gave me a call. This was a friend who had experienced some of the same kind of darkness with me in the past. As we caught up and talked further, I was amazed by his growth and progression. He referenced energy work and Carole Maier specifically.

I had my first session with Carole in early December of 2019. In the beginning, I was very inconsistent with my commitment to energy work. I didn’t see the big picture entirely. Carole was beyond patient while also very committed to helping me as a client. No matter what kind of self-destruction patterns I would repeat, no matter how hopeless I felt, and how “down the hill” I would travel, Carole was always comforting. She was constantly proving to me that I have a purpose here. She showed me that I can truly make progress and that life does not have to be the dark place that I was stuck in. She showed me HOW, all the way down to the energetic blueprints of this pain. Anyone who knew me knew that I was always very skeptical of people and looked for the worst in them. If there was something negative to find in someone, I would find it. I never felt judged or shamed in any way by Carole, as I had in previous experiences with therapists and counselors. She supported me entirely. I had never felt so comfortable expressing myself with another person. As pessimistic as I was, this came as a surprise to me. Just within my first conversation with Carole, I knew I had made the right decision with choosing to see her. 

As I started to see the transformation and healing from this energy work, my desire for commitment to this work increased. I learned how to take control of my thoughts, how to forgive myself and to start forgiving those who I had nothing but anger and resentment towards. Carole helped me understand the actual energy behind these traumas, self-destruction patterns, etc. 

As time went on and I continued these energy healing sessions with Carole, life started to become enjoyable. I finally started forming a thought process that allowed me access to seeing the light in the world that I never knew existed for me. This alone was a miracle and a blessing to me I never thought I would receive or experience. Wow! I wasn’t so hopeless anymore. I started to learn to love myself and those around me in healthy ways. I never would have imagined a day where I would feel like I want to be alive. I never would have imagined a day where I wouldn’t feel out of control, suppressing myself with substances or relying on 3-4 medications a day just to barely function. I never would have imagined a day without disassociation, anxiety, depression, and being cut off from my emotions and my reality. I never even imagined a day where I would feel any less hateful and heartless. 

These things seemed so impossible to me. So out of reach. Carole helped me find the light and assisted in starting to heal these things in a way that truly worked for me, specific to my energy patterns. She continues to do this and never ceases to amaze me! While I know that I still have a lot of healing to do, Carole has helped me understand that I am a constantly evolving person and that I’m not helpless and that I CAN live a life in the light of happiness as I progress and continue to work on myself. 

As well as myself, those who know me and have known me are amazed by my progression. I have Carole to thank for this. I don’t know where I would be without what she has given me. The combination of her amazing gifts and abilities to see these energy patterns and her professional and caring guidance in transforming and clearing them. I can say with confidence, Carole helped save my life. As I type this, it is April of 2020. In just 4 months, Carole has helped me accomplish more than I ever thought I would in 5 lifetimes and this is just the beginning. I can honestly say that this life is truly beautiful. I am so glad I stuck around for this... I can hardly wait to see where this work with her continues to take me. I am at peace.

Energy healers like her are certainly changing the world and will be responsible for generations of healing and the implementation of unconditional love, indefinitely. Thank you so much, Carole.

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